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Social Media Management

Drishti Foundation

22 Apr 2021 Apply now Share
22 Apr 2021 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
Manage all content on the website to reflect all the products and services are strategically positioned, and to generate leads through high website traffic. Manage content on all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google +, Instagram. Design and manage campaigns by providing all content and innovative ideas to make the campaign successful. Help make sure that the organizations philosophy, mission and vision are pertinent and practiced throughout the organization transmitting the organizations values, vision and direction. Plan and implement marketing collaterals. Ensure all external communication pieces contain a consistent brand image and will enhance the organizations image and position within the marketplace. Ensure articulation of organizations desired image and position, assure consistent communication of image and position throughout the organization. Responsible for editorial direction, design,
Writing and editing
Journalism, mass media and broadcasting
Many a times, you feel compelled to work for a good cause but somehow your engrossing daily routine holds you back. And then when you get time to look back, you try to convince yourself by saying that ‘If I had time, I would have contributed my bit to the society’. But believe us, if you have a passion to support a cause and that pull within, you can still make a child smile, help a woman fight all odds to come on top, or, even brighten up the life of the homeless elderly couple – all this without it being any demanding on your daily routine. You can instantly sign in as a Cyber Volunteer for The Drishti Foundation Trust (DFT) and you can start contributing by: o Promote Drishti Foundation Trust in your social networking profile and ask your friends to follow us. o Introducing Drishti Foundation Trust to all your online communities/ fan clubs etc. o Forwarding the mailers to your friends and help us spread the awareness for the cause. o Download and use our screensaver, buttons, posters, wallpapers, banners etc.
Volunteers: 25 needed
11-20 hours per week / 11 weeks
Too often in life, Most people wait around for somebody else to instigate the changes they would like to see, they doubt their own ability, thinking either they are not solely able to bringing the changes about, or that somebody else will find time for it. So if you wished to be able to do something for the greater nice, the time could not be more right. Keep in mind! You must make radical changes for your efforts to count, because the little changes make a giant difference.
English, Gujarati, Hindi

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